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Submitted by ergin altintas on Tue, 2018-01-23 02:14

Opensource Projects

Research Projects

Other Projects

  • - I had built this Turkish cyber security portal around 2014, which was based on Drupal 7. I had maintained it until 2020. (Archived contents:
  • - I had built this Turkish artifical intelligence portal at 1999. Which were hosted firstly at and later at I had maintained it till 2018. I had used FrontPage, PhpNuke, Xoops, Joomla and lastly Drupal for managing the content of this portal. (Archived contents: | |*/
  • TranSEMAC - A FreePascal project to send small files over an encrypted radio channel. Which has ability to check file integrity and recover from failures. (2002)
  • Mors Kodlayici 1.1 (TR) - A simple Lazarus project which converts text into morse code and sends the codes out from serial/paralel port to activate a led/buzzer (2000)
  • SeTa - Using Neural Networks for Human Voice Recognition in Ship Navigation, Winer of that years computer graduation projects (1999)
  • Fin_YSA - Using Neural Networks on financial data for future trend prediction (1999)
  • ANN_Analyser - Using Neural Networks for analysing any kind of data (1999)
  • iSY 1.0 (TR) - A Swift File Manager for DOS, Winner of high school computer project competition which is organized by Turkish Scientific and Technological Research Council (1994)